Who am I?

Like 50% of the girls born after 1992, my name is Manon. If they expected Emmanuelle Béart in 1994, my parents must not have been disappointed when they saw a little brunette arrive at home! Raised in the Normandy countryside, then followed by two lovely brothers and sisters, I come from a middle-class family, in which the only thing that matters is the happiness of both.

The little family almost complete!

I believed for a long time, driven by the school, that you had to have good grades to succeed and go to great studies to be happy. After two years of literary prep, and a year at Sciences Po, I go to Erasmus, to Thessaloniki in Greece, without really knowing why or how.

On the heights of Nauplie, Greece, April 2015

I'm having the best year of my life; do lots of encounters, improve my English, discover a new culture, travel all over the country and surrounding areas, enjoy a different pace of life, learn to fend for myself, and finally the year ends, I come home travelling around Europe a month and back to Sciences Po.

For a year, it's the blues, i can invest in projects, be a theatre teacher, write a memoir, organize open scenes, nothing seems as fun, as interesting as what I've experienced abroad.

I then take a gap year: I go to Ireland, Dublin, six months internship, then Croatia, Dubrovnik, volunteering, six others. These two experiences confirm what I thought: I like to travel, I like to live in a new country, I like to meet new people from all walks of life. I drive around Europe, further north, to Estonia for two months.

Boarding for adventure!

I put my studies on a break, and I go to live in Argentina, without a word of Spanish, looking for a small job as a waitress. I return to Europe ten months later, my head full of memories, speaking Spanish fluently and a bearded man on my arm, Marcelo. We go to Croatia, work in a restaurant before going to St Malo to work during the "Rum Route". Then it's again a departure to the Philippines, where we lived for six months, visited many islands and discovered Thailand.

I am now preparing for a new trip: northern Argentina (Cordoba, Salta, Jujuy), Peru and Mexico (Chiapas and the Maya Riviera) on the trail of native South American peoples… follow my adventures on this blog!

At first, I knew I wanted to go around the world. And I looked enviously at the blogs of those who started, when I did not know where to look or what to look for to travel. Now that I've started, I hope to help you! The French interne
t still has some shortcomings in this area in the face of the English or Spanish-speaking world. What if my experience could be useful to others? This is what I hope in any case, that others can launch themselves and lead the life of their dreams, think outside the box and enjoy the only life given to us.

Some important characters in these adventures:

Marcelo, or Cheli.

This old Argentinian has been my travelling companion since June 2017. He grew up in Buenos Aires, riding his bike to the streets of the Argentine capital. He enjoys eating, cooking, enjoying his cooking and organising barbecues (the famous Argentine "asado") where you put an entire animal on the grill. A fan of electro music, he wandered through festivals and concerts until his heart no longer followed and became seriously ill. When he is told that he is at risk of a heart transplant, he realizes that life deserves to be lived, and after months of re-education and 50 kilos lost, he goes to live in Europe to work as a cook. This is where we meet and decide to go for a bit of the road together.

Daria, crazy flamingo.

While we both had blue hair, we co-oped in Thessaloniki, before realizing that we were on the same wavelength and traveling together countless times. Now a psycho graduate, she lives the same kind of nomadic life as mine. She has lived in Malta, Spain, Poland, France and is currently in South Korea for a LIFE. We usually cross the continent to see each other, whether in Ireland, France, Poland, Greece or Thailand. In this blog, she shares some of her experiences and helps me make videos.

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